Fotaflo Video

Fotaflo’s automated software allows you to easily harness the power of branded video to increase guest engagement while driving trackable referrals back to your business.

Generate referrals with socially shareable videos just like this!

Fotaflo video is included in our product offering at no additional cost!

If you already offer a video product such as GoPro, Fotaflo videos can easily be included as a bonus that will exceed your guest’s experience.  If you don’t already offer videos to your guests, Fotaflo videos will allow you to increase profit by adding value to your photo packages.

How It Works

  • Videos Are Easily Captured

    Videos are captured by your guides and photographers on the same devices as photos.

  • Videos Are Organized & Uploaded

    Our automated software’s labels feature allows you to group and upload video clips for immediate delivery.

  • Videos Are Socially Shareable

    Fotaflo condenses your video footage into short, sharable clips to provide your guests with engaging content that is easy to share and watch socially. You can upload branded Intro, Middle, and Outro clips to provide guests with a completely branded video memory.

  • Videos Drive Referrals

    Videos are highly shareable social content. Fotaflo videos are embedded with your branding and when shared through Fotaflo, remain connected to your website’s booking page allowing all viewers to easily book their own adventure with you!

  • You Receive Trackable Results

    All videos shared through Fotaflo are tracked to provide you with reports on who shared videos, who interacted with them, and how many referrals were generated as a result to provide you with trackable referral marketing results.

  • Videos Generate Profit & Exceed Guest Expectations

    Fotaflo video is offered as an element of our product offering at no additional cost and generates profit by increasing photo package sales when promoted. It can also easily be included along with photos as a bonus product that compliments your GoPro video offering to delight your guests.