Fotaflo Launches New Product: Fotaflo Video

 Fotaflo, the industry changing photo and video referral marketing solution is enabling adventure tourism and camp businesses to easily deliver branded, socially shareable videos with the launch of it’s new video offering.

“The impact of video on digital and social marketing cannot be overstated and the adventure tourism and camp industries are no exception to the powerful benefit of effective video content.” said Jesse Walsh, Fotaflo’s Marketing Manager. “Fotaflo’s new industry-first capability to allow businesses to provide their guests with short, socially shareable videos featuring the guests themselves, with no need for manual editing will enable our clients to capitalize on the power of video to drive referral business.”

With its new 2018 release, Fotaflo has added the following capabilities to its video product offering:

  1. Videos are easily captured by guides and photographers on the same devices as photos.
  2. Videos are automatically organized and uploaded by Fotaflo software’s labels feature, allowing clients to group and upload video clips for immediate editing, compiling, and delivery.
  3. Fotaflo software automatically edits video footage into short, shareable clips complete with company branding to create engaging content that is easily shared and viewed socially.
  4. Videos link back to the client’s websites allowing all viewers to easily book their own adventure.
  5. All social interactions with videos are tracked in a single-source analytic report to provide trackable referral marketing results.

Fotaflo Video is offered as an element of the Fotaflo product offering at no additional cost and is available now to all clients.

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About Fotaflo

Fotaflo is a profit-generating photo and video referral marketing solution, easily capturing and sharing memories for the adventure tourism and camp industries.

As a technology leader in the industry, we offer the latest in photo, video, and mobile technology to ensure the best memories captured. Our web portal enables guests to share their branded memories socially and drive referral business for our clients.

Fotaflo is currently capturing memories while generating profit and referrals at adventure experience businesses throughout the world.

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